Names January 2014’s Best Selling Firearms


( — has released its list of Top 5 best-selling firearms for January 2014, topped by Smith & Wesson’s M&P semi-automatic pistol.

Also noted on the best-sellers list were Colt’s Python revolver, Thompson Center’s Contender single-shot pistol, Ruger’s 10/22 semi-automatic rifle, and Winchester’s Model 94 lever-action rifle.

Other top-selling models according to were Ruger’s No. 1 in the single-shot rifle category, Remington’s 760 in the pump-action-rifle category, and LC Smith’s Field grade side-by-side shotgun. In the single-shot-shotgun category, New England Firearms’ Pardner took the lead.

Every month, the Top 5 Best Sellers List is published for each major category of firearms sold on the gun auction site. The list includes both new and used firearms.

Read the Top 5 Best Sellers List for January 2014 here:


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