Black Women and Guns in Texas


( — UCLA Prof. Eugene Volokh, writing on the Volokh Conspiracy, recently posted a demographic study of which group was the fastest-growing cohort to become concealed carry licensees in Texas.

He wrote that “Texas Department of Public Safety data show that the fastest-growing group of concealed handgun owners in the state has been, for at least five years, black women.”

He added, “And, as I always like to do, I decided to check the statistics for myself. I don’t think the race and sex of who owns guns and who has carry licenses is particularly important for evaluating concealed carry laws, but such demographic phenomena still strike me as interesting — and I would think that both gun rights and gun control activists should also find them interesting in crafting their political strategies.”

Volokh wrote, “The overall trend does seem striking. Women are indeed much less likely to get concealed carry licenses than men, and blacks than whites. But the disparity is decreasing, with the percentage of black licensees rising from 4.45% in 1996-2000 to 7.10% in 2007-2011. And the increase in black women licensees is especially striking (0.75% in 1996-2000 to 1.63% in 2007-2011). Indeed, while in 1996-2000 the gender gap among blacks was materially greater than that among whites, in 2007-2011 it was materially less (with the comparative ratio rising from an average of 81% over the first five years to an average of 114% over the last five).”

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