Firing Line 04/99


Fixing Beretta Trigger Pull
I have been enjoying your Gun Tests for some months now and look forward to the arrival of each new copy. I have a DAO Beretta MD92D, which I like very much except for the long trigger pull. I have recently seen in a gun magazine that European American Armory has made a conversion kit to convert the DAO to single action. Have you done any tests on this kit or have any info on same ? I’ve tried to locate EAA on the internet without any success. I would appreciate any info you could give. Thanks.

E. J. Lloyd
Las Vegas, NV

We haven’t tested the kit. EAA’s address is European American Armory Corp., P.O. Box 1299, Sharpes, FL 32959, telephone (407) 639-4842, fax (407) 639-7006, You may also check with two gunsmiths whose work on 92-series guns we like: David E. Sams, 3303 3rd St. South, Phenix City, AL 36869, telephone (334) 214-0415, fax (334) 214-0430, and Jack Weigand, Weigand Combat Firearms, 685 S. Main Rd., Mountaintop, PA 18707, telephone (717) 868-8358, fax (717) 868-5218.

Don’t Be Shy
First let me say how pleased I am with your publication. Although I do occasionally read other gun magazines, yours is the one I turn to for honest and fair evaluations. Now to the purpose of this letter. There are three firearms I think you should test:

The Remington 597. As far as I can tell, you have yet to test any version of the 597. When a major company like Remington seeks to take away the title from a champ who has held it for around a quarter of a century (Ruger 10/22) that should be cause to take notice. Remington’s catalog even lists a heavy-barreled version that would have given the recently tested 10/22T a run for its money.

The new (I’m not sure if it is even available yet) Savage Scout in .308. Though I would prefer a Win. pre-64-type control feed, for $500 this Savage looks hard to beat. If it gives you only two-thirds of the performance of the Steyr at one-fifth the price, it will be a winner.

The Armalite AR-10 in .243 Win. This gun has been available for more than a year and yet no test. Since there are no comparable firearms (military-based .243s), you could only use a BAR or other hunting semiautos to do a comparison. Or, you might want to test it by itself, like you did the Steyr Scout. I think the gun is worthwhile because .243 is not a military round, and its trajectory is better than either the .308 or .300 WM out to 500 yards, and its wind drift is less than the .308.

This last one is a freebie: the Winchester (via Japan?) 1892. I have often read about this smaller (than the ’94) lever and I always read about how slick the lever action was. There, I’ve done it. I’ve gotten everything off of my chest. Whew! Now to track down Car & Driver’s web address!

John G. Koch
via email

These are great ideas, and we’ll check on availability of these products.


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