The Price of Handgun Accuracy: How Much to Pay for 3/4s of an Inch?


Dear Gun Tests Editors: Another handgun magazine recently ran an article praising the 25-yard accuracy of a 9mm 1911 Ed Brown CCO pistol ($3,585). It shot 2-inch groups using high performance ammo. Curious about how my used S&W 9mm Shield V1 ($269) with a drop-in stainless-steel barrel ($170) would do, I staged my own comparison test. Using SIG Sauer Elite Performance JHP 124-grain ammo, my Shield shot a 2.75-inch group from the rest. The question I have for you and your readers is this: Is the extra 0.75 inch in accuracy at 25 yards worth the additional $3146? — Calvin

Dear Calvin: Thank you for writing. For most self-defense shooters, the answer is no, it’s not worth spending $2500+ to gain three-quarters of an inch at 25 yards. — Todd Woodard

how much is handgun accuracy worth?

how much is handgun accuracy worth?


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