What About the Retro Receivers?

Reader James wants us to note some of the other Brownells AR receivers. And Reader Carl would like a bigger car-safe option


Re “Four AR-15 Lower Receivers Assembled and Range Tested,” April 2022

Enjoyed the article on AR-15 lower receivers. In your discussion of the Brownells (Retro) BRN-601, you mentioned the BRN-180, but failed to mention the AR-18, AR-180, and AR-180B were all piston-driven, not direct impingement. Additionally, the AR-18 and 180 came with a folding stock and priority magazine. The AR-180B lower reviver and stock (non-folding) are one piece, made of a polymer material. And the magazine well was modified to accept standard AR-15 magazines. Keep up the good work. — James

Thanks for the clarifications, James. — Todd Woodard

Re “Gun Security in Automobiles,” August 2023

In this issue, you had an article on gun security in cars. However, it was limited to handguns. I am interested in finding a way of carrying an AK pistol in my truck. I am sure others would also be interested in a way of having a secure, but accessible, way of having a more powerful piece with them. I thought of an inside roof mount but, without a custom and expensive installation. Any ideas?

— Carl

Hey Carl: Yes, the rest of that article, Car Carry Solutions Part 2, was available to subscribers on Gun Tests+, the online edition. That was noted on page 24 of the August issue. We recommended the Hornady RAPID safe Large Gun Safes as Grade A products.

 Those open with radio frequency identification (RFID) technology. The safe is supplied with an RFID key fob and wristband. There is also a set of keys supplied with the safe. The safe is programmable with digital codes. Power comes from four AAA batteries. There is also a car-plug adaptor for in-motion charging included with the safe. Two stickers are supplied with the RFID opening code embedded. These may be deployed with the cell phone or from a wallet. There are many options with this versatile set up. Several sizes are available, but we liked the Hornady 98191 Rapid RFID Safe AR Gun Locker XL.— tw


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