JP Enterprises Debuts Rimfire Conversions In Multiple Models


( — JP Enterprises is debuting a new and improved JP-22R action that opens up every small-frame JP platform (JP-15, CTR-02, SCR-11 and PSC-11) for a .22 LR conversion.

The JP-22R series is designed to meet standards that flimsy plastic or cheaply assembled conversions simply can’t. By incorporating the exact same components and build quality of a centerfire JP, shooters can now have a .22 upper assembly or complete rifle that matches the quality of their primary rifles.

With the price and availability of .223 ammo so unreliable over the last few years, many AR shooters have struggled for a more reasonable alternative for practice and recreation, which is part of why .22 LR disappeared off shelves last year.

The JP-22R offers a great alternative for situations and range venues that don’t allow larger calibers. Plus, as a practice rig, it has the benefit of weight and handling virtually identical to a shooter’s match rifle.

Complete JP-22R upper assemblies based on JP’s high-quality forged JP-15 upper receiver are ready for immediate shipment. For custom builds, the JP-22R is also available in the machined-from-billet CTR-02, billet side-charging SCR-11 and dual-charging PSC-11 JP receivers along with virtually all the standard options and upgrades JP has to offer.

New centerfire rifle orders can even add on a secondary JP-22R upper assembly to match with no increase in production time.


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