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Legacy Sports Citadel PAX FRPAX1220 12 Gauge

The Citadel PAX is similar but by no means identical to the Akkar 612. The matte-blue finish is the same.

Rock Island Armory Meriva Chrome MR25-P101-MC 12 Gauge

This is a chrome-plated shotgun often called a marine-style firearm that should be the most resistant to the elements.

SHOT 2022: Tokarev Shotguns Are Ready for the Trenches

SDS Imports LLC is an importer of firearms and accessories located in Knoxville, TN. Tokarev TX3 12HD Pump Action Shotgun - 18.5" Proof Tested 4140 Barrel w/...

SHOT 2022: Holosun AEMS Takes Aim at Red Dot Market

The Holosun AEMS combines a large field of view in a compact, lightweight package. AEMS has double the glass surface area and is 11% shorter...

SHOT 2022: Federal Premium Announces 30 Super Carry Cartridge

In January 2022, Federal Premium announced its 30 Super Carry (30 SC) cartridge, which Federal said provides the power of the 9mm Luger in...

SHOT 2022: Savage Arms Introduces Stance, a Micro-Compact 9mm

At SHOT Show 2022, Savage Arms announced a new EDC handgun: Stance. This micro-compact 9mm marks Savage’s return to concealed carry and self-defense and...

Gun Tests Best Guns & Gear for 2022

Toward the end of each year, I survey the work R.K. Campbell, Roger Eckstine, Robert Sadowski, Tracey Taylor, and Joe Woolley have done in Gun Tests, with an eye toward selecting guns, accessories, and ammunition the magazine’s testers have endorsed. From these evaluations I pick the best from a full year’s worth of tests and distill recommendations for readers, who often use them as shopping guides.

Smith & Wesson Launches New M&P12 Pump-Action

Smith & Wesson’s new bullpup-style pump-action shotgun is called the M&P12 and is designed for home protection.

For Defense: Shooting 45 Colt In Wheelguns and Leverguns

A carbine and a pistol in the same chambering have much utility for personal defense, and 9mm Luger, 10mm Auto, and 45 ACP are chambered in many such combinations in semi-autos. If you live in a non-restrictive state, that’s great — enjoy. But if you live in a magazine-capacity-restricted state, or in one of the features-limited jurisdictions, then you may need a different duo, say, with a revolver and lever-action rifle.

First Look Video: Four Affordable 9mm Carry Handguns

If you're looking for an affordable 9mm pistol that's easy to carry, you should check out the June 2021 issue of Gun Tests magazine.Hi,...

Smith & Wesson Model 29-2 44 Magnum

We owe much of the 44 Magnum concept to the late Elmer Keith. Mr. Keith spent a good bit of the early to middle parts of the last century working with (and sometimes blowing up) hot-loaded 44 Special revolvers. As with many great experimenters, he did not let setbacks stop his work. Convinced of the practicality and efficacy of a max-loaded 44, he finally won Smith & Wesson over to his way of thinking, along with Remington ammunition. The revolver that became what we know as the Model 29 (and what Clint Eastwood made really famous in 1971) was introduced in late 1955.

Taurus Model 44 2-440049 44 Magnum

The Taurus M44 brings many of the changes S&W decided were good for its guns. This genre of handgun tends to spend much of its working time in the outdoors, in inclement weather and in sweaty holsters, making stainless-steel construction preferable to blued carbon steel.

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You may not have seen the very odd news that the Commerce Department’s Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) published an Interim Final Rule...