Firing Line 11/99

No Inspection Periods
In your response to Mike Burrei (Firing Line, August 1999) you stated, “All reputable dealers offer three-day inspections.” Yeah, right! Then there aren’t a whole lot of “reputable” dealers around. In my 36 years, fifteen of which I’ve been in the Air Force stationed all over this country and purchased literally scores of firearms, I’ve never seen one of those “reputable” dealers. Gun shops, mass retailers (like Wal-Mart, Kmart, etc.), and even the base/post exchanges display disclaimers with “no return” policies. They will ship your new gun back to the manufacturer for repairs and/or replacement, but they do not offer test-drives and very rarely accept re...

Firing Line 10/99

More On The 696
I read your July 1999 review of the .44 Special wheel guns with great interest, since I own a S&W model 696. A word on the 696 from my experience: The one I have has been an excellent revolver, and Ive not had a problem with it since the day I bought it. I have had a little trigger work done to smooth out the trigger pull a little, but that was done for personal taste rather than being a necessity.I have shot several different brands and loads of ammunition and have not had a problem. Now, Im not the greatest shot in the world, but I find that it is accurate with everything Ive used in it. I do find it to be a great concealed-carry gun. From my experience, I...

Firing Line 03/00

Reviewing Guns
Since becoming a subscriber, I’ve been meaning to write and tell you how much I appreciate your tell-it-like-it-is style.

I’ve been a shooter and collector for many years, and have developed a “sixth sense” when reading the commerical advertising-driven gun magazines.

It is just so refreshing to hear the unvarnished, objective facts about a gun, which is a mechanical item when stripped of all its potential romance or image.Newer or less-skeptical readers must be in a virtual fog of confusion while trying to sort out all the facts surrounding the dizzying array of shooting-related products in the market place today. How ironic that just as we reach a high p...

Firing Line 04/00

H&K P7M8 Booster
I am a commissioned security officer in Dallas, Texas. My H&K P7M8 (October 1999) was $850 plus tax when I bought it several years ago. Was it worth it? The last time I requalified, I scored 146 (including a 2-point penalty for a flyer), on a shooting test with a maximum score of 150. Yup, it was worth it.I also used it to qualify for the state concealed carry permit. Out of 50 rounds fired, I had two flyers. My hand got tired with the squeeze cocker. And yes, I carry it concealed.

It seems to prefer 115-grain bullets best. But realistically, when you are looking at one ragged hole, whether it is a little bigger or smaller, is a pretty specious argument. I...

Firing Line 05/00

Dunk-Kit Questions
Your article in the March 2000 Gun Tests about the cleaning product called Dunk-Kit was of significant interest to me. I do, however, have a few questions.Is there an effect on polymer-frame guns. Will the solution affect their integrity? Can a fully assembled slide be submerged and cleaned with the firing pin intact? Will this process completely clean the bore, eliminating the need for scrubbing? Is the solution environmentally friendly and easily disposed of? What is the life of the solution? Will it have any adverse effect on finishes.

Jim Calderio
via American Online

In our testing of Dunk-Kit, we find it is especially effective on...

Firing Line 07/00

Test of CZ PCR
I found the recent article on the CZ PCR 9MM pistol (May 2000) interesting and informative, though I would like to respond to some of the points made in the article.

It was stated that the trigger on the PCR was rough before it broke. As with most DA/SA pistols, the mechanism required to operate the ignition system is somewhat complex when compared to a single-action only or double-action only. When related to other models of a similar design, the CZ trigger is an excellent balance of single and double action.

As to the malfunctions: The PCR is one of the newest variants of the Classic CZ 75 pistol. It was designed with the law-enforcement market in mind. W...

Firing Line 06/00

There’s bears up here
I’ve enjoyed your approach of not worrying whether or not the manufacturers are happy with your reviews, but do you think it’s possible that sometimes you feel the obligation to say bad things about pieces which really have no problem?

The review that I found to be most misinformed was the one regarding the .454 Casull as an unusable piece. Having several friends who own them, and also having owned them myself, I can assure you that anyone is capable of firing one without his thumb coming off, his wrist getting broken, or any other range of colorful imaginations. It’s a powerful revolver to be sure, and a .44 Magnum feels soft once you’re used to the Ca...

Firing Line 09/00

Confidence in Ruger P97
Thank you for testing the Ruger P97. I think I will buy one soon. My current .45 (Glock 21) has superb accuracy-acually its the most accurate non-1911 .45 I have ever shot. People I know who bought the Ruger P97 say it is just as accurate as the Glock. Your test showed that the ergonomics were great, reliability is topnotch, and the trigger was good (for a Ruger). I assume your accuracy wasnt great because you didnt use ammo the Ruger 97 likes. Again, I really am glad you reviewed it. I now feel confident enough to make the purchase.

Mark Fertig
via AOL

August Pros and Cons
A Glock representative brought a G36 demonstrat...

Firing Line 08/00

Autauga Arms Status
I recently opened Autauga Rifles. I am still in contact with the Autauga Arms folks as they wind down. They are getting out of the pistol business and have basically eliminated the remaining inventory. I have and will continue to provide the same quality rifles as the Autauga Tactical Rifle you reviewed in November 1999.

Rusty Rossey
Prattville, AL

Were sorry to see the Autauga pistols disappear, and dearly wish we had held on to the one we tested in November 1999. Its value in a decade will be astronomical. For readers who want to contact Rossey, you can reach him at Autauga Rifles, Inc., 740 E. Main, Suite 13, Prattville, AL 36067, t...

Color Me Skeptical

A press release on the PR Newswire said, breathlessly, “Biofire Announces World’s First Smart Gun® Secured by Fingerprint and Facial Recognition.” Will this smartphone...