New Videos on Tavor, SIGTac, Harley Ride and Shoot


( — There are three new videos available at

Harley Ride and Shoot — For Juvenile Diabetes. The Browning Guy is at it again. This time he’s at a benefit shoot in Northern Utah to raise money for Juvenile Diabetes. This is no ordinary cake sale. This fundraiser is all about Harley motorcycles and shooting guns. All for charity. View the action, plus the winner of a raffle got to shoot a junker bike fitted with an explosive target using a 50 BMG.

SIGTac Adaptive Carbine Platform. The adaptive carbine platform (ACP) from SIGTac is the industry’s first universal, aircraft-grade aluminum pistol to carbine adapter, designed to quickly and easily transform virtually any full-size railed pistol into an M1913 accessory customizable carbine platform. Simply slide your pistol into the accessory rail adapter and lock it into place.

IWI Tavor MTAR-21 SAR first impressions with Jerry Miculek. World champion shooter Jerry Miculek gives his first impressions on the IWI Tavor TAR-21 SAR bullpup rifle. The Tavor will be the next featured gun in the “Shoot Fast” series where Jerry will take it out to see how fast he can shoot it!


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