Serbu’s BFG-50A Is Portable at 25 Pounds


( — Serbu’s just-announced BFG-50A is a magazine-fed, gas-operated .50 BMG rifle that’s only 52.5 inches OAL and weighs just 25 lbs unloaded.

It takes standard 10-round M-82 magazines. It has a 3-lug rotating bolt, dual plunger ejectors, sliding plate extractor, and hydraulic recoil buffer. The bolt locks into a barrel extension, which is threaded to the barrel. The bolt lug and barrel extension locking surfaces are helical.

The gas system is similar to that used on a Ljungman AG-42 or MAS 49/56. Serbu’s barrels are chambered with a unique reamer design, which allows surplus ammunition to be fired but gives far greater accuracy than can be achieved with barrels using a machine gun chamber.

Barrel length: 26.0 inches. Muzzle Brake: 8-port “Shark Brake.” Barrel/barrel extension and handguard are removable to allow different barrel and handguard lengths and configurations. Price: $6700.


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