5 Best 9mm Pistols for Concealed Carry in 2024

If you're in the market for a smaller 9mm handgun, here's how we'd spend our money.


Over the past two years, Gun Tests Magazine has reviewed more than 25 concealable pistols chambered in 9mm Luger. Of these compact and subcompact handguns, a few have gotten “Best Buy” or “Our Pick” recommendations. Here are our top five 9mm handguns that our experienced testers believe you’ll like if you want to buy a handgun of this type. 

As always, Gun Tests Magazine is supported by reader subscriptions only, so you can depend on these recommendations being free of monetization considerations on our posts or videos or social media traffic, and we don’t accept display advertising in the magazine. The sole basis for these recommendations is how the pistols worked during our testing with various shooters and various ammunition. If you’re in the market for a smaller 9mm handgun, here’s how we’d spend our money:

5. Taurus G3X 1-G3XSR9031 9mm Luger, $310

Named a Best Buy in this issue, the Taurus G3X 1-G3XSR9031 is a recent introduction based on a proven template. The G3X is accurate — surprisingly so — and reliable. There is a wide range of support in magazines and holsters, and the lifetime warranty is attractive. The full review of this gun is for subscribers only. 

Taurus G3X 1-G3XSR9031 9mm Luger

4. SAR USA SAR9 Compact X 9mm Luger, $632.

This pistol was Our Pick in this match up of four 9mm pistols. The SAR 9cx was the heaviest pistol in the group and had the least recoil. That’s the way it generally works. Among other things, the good recoil mitigation helped make the SAR the fastest in our speed trials, by a couple of tenths of a second. It was also the most accurate in this test, averaging under 2.25 inches per five-shot group.

SAR USA SAR9 Compact X 9mm Luger

3. Ruger MAX-9 No. 3500 9mm Luger, $544.

The Ruger MAX-9 was the largest pistol but only slightly larger than the Shield, not enough to matter in an inside the waistband holster. The Ruger and the Shield have similar performance. The Ruger was the most accurate pistol tested but barely shaded the Shield and not with every load. The Ruger features a tritium/fiber optic front sight and is optics ready while the Shield is not, making the Ruger the better buy by a considerable margin considering Ruger’s standard features. Various Shield Plus Performance Center pistols with fiber-optic sights and an optics ready slide, which we have not tested, will cost about $300 more than the version tested. The Ruger is the price beater and the overall best performer. The Ruger would be Our Pick if price were no object.

Ruger MAX-9 No. 3500 9mm Luger
Kahr K9 K9093A 9mm Luger

2. Kahr K9 K9093A 9mm Luger, $750.

The K9 is an excellent option for conceal carry. It is compact, thin, safe, and has an exceptionally smooth trigger. We would not hesitate to purchase this pistol. While some may complain about the single-stack magazine, we think 7+1 rounds are plenty. Our only complaint was its lack of forward slide serrations.

1. SIG Sauer P365 365-9-BXR3 9mm Luger, $599.

Small enough to fit in a pocket and carrying 10+1 rounds of 9mm, a small pistol such as the P365 does a lot right for comfortable concealed carry. Does a little 9mm snap in your hand a bit when fired? Of course. But felt recoil is less than small 38s.

SIG Sauer P365 365-9-BXR3 9mm Luger

Honorable Mentions

Smith & Wesson M&P9 Shield EZ M2.0 12436 9mm Luger, $499. July 2022. Grade A, Our Pick.

Smith & Wesson M&P9 Shield Plus 13246 9mm Luger, $553. September 2021. Grade A

Mossberg MC2C 89031 9mm Luger, $380. September 2022. Grade B+, Best Buy.

Springfield Armory Hellcat HC9319BOSP 9mm Luger, $550. March 2020. Grade A, Our Pick.

Walther PPS M2 2805961 9mm Luger, $649. March 2020. Grade A, Best Buy.

Kimber Micro 9 Desert Tan (LG) 3300168 9mm Luger, $659. October 2017. Grade A.

SIG Sauer P938 Emperor Scorpion 9mm Luger, $639. October 2017. Grade A.

Smith & Wesson M&P9 Shield 180021 9mm Luger, $394. September 2017. Grade A, Best Buy

Note: All prices reflect actual retail purchase prices at the time of testing. Prices will likely have changed. Older pistols may still be available as NIB products or as used handguns. 

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  1. I have 3 Taurus pistols: the G3C Toro optics ready
    The G3C
    And the G2C
    (I also have the Ruger Max 9)

    Every one of the Taurus pistols is accurate, and totally reliable (They even run steel-cased ammo without a hitch/(
    I love your magazine, Todd–been a subscriber for 5+ years. Thank you !

  2. What – no Glock? I have and/or have shot a multitude of carry pistols and for my money Glock is the most reliable. I have NEVER had a failure to feed with a Glock. I recently purchased a high end pistol and was asked if I was going to carry it, I replied that this was a BarbQ gun and a Glock is for carrying for self defense.

    • This is a great statment. “Glock Perfection”. I must admit -Due to a very small framed man, the sig P365X is good to me. I will always be a #1 Glock guy. Thank you for your statment.

  3. Dan, which other makes have you shot and carried? I have found Glocks no more reliable than any other well established brand such as S&W, H&K, CZ, Sig or Ruger. And yes I would add Taurus to that list as well.

    • I have shot Ed Brown, S&W, Colt, Ruger, Para, Glock, Bersa,Kimber, Tanfoglio, JC Higgins,Taurus, Browning and Walther, probably others but that is the extent of my recollection. Not sure what brand I fired in the Marines

      I have carried S&W, Browning, Glock, Colt, KImber and Para. As a retired PI, I have carried in all sorts of holsters and pocket carry. I really like a quality 1911 but I am also a nut on cleaning my firearms, probably ingrained as a Marine, and the 1911’s can be a pain to clean sometimes, depending on the brand.

  4. I have the Mossberg MC1 and love it.
    I have quite a few other 9 mm as well, but for concealed carry, I always take my Mossberg.

  5. Based on Gun Tests reviews I’ve been carrying a z Glock 43 for years now upgraded to a Glock 43X MOS with Holosun green reflex sight. I highly recommend it and agree with the previous comments Dan. Very reliable and accurate. Your subscriber –

  6. I didn’t see the Glock 43 or 26. I also didn’t see the Sig 938. I do agree that the Sig 365 should be #1 pick. Light, accurate, and dependable. My first choice to carry.

  7. I would like to know why pistol makers do not manufacture holsters for the product they make ?
    If we want a leather holster we must alter them, stretch them add this or that to make the things right!

  8. I agree I bought a Sig p365 put a viridian green laser on it and no available holsters come even close to it w/o wanting to charge me over 200 bucks. I bought a smart carry holster put a magnet on it and am happy for less than 50 bucks. These holster places are overcharging people left and right.

    • I recently purchased a Ruger max9 and just love it! The fit and the feel is perfect for my ccw. Accurate and light weight makes this the perfect choice for me!

  9. Anyone who wants to carry Mexican can just go to the devil as far as this guy is concerned. I’m kinda over EVERY 9mm that’s coming out is sans safety.

  10. Years ago, I carried a Colt LW Commander in .45ACP. In still a 1911 Fan.

    Around 6 years ago, I finally switched to a 9mm H&K P-30. This is a fine pistol, though a little large, so I decided to go smaller.

    About 6 months ago I bought a Sig Sauer 365XL. To me, this gun does everything a person needs for a defensive handgun.

    The Sig is a little snappy when fired, but easily controlled.

  11. I own a Kimber Micro 9, stainless with rosewood grips – very pretty but it can’t beat my old G43 that has had about
    2500 hundred round through it without a hiccup. I’ll take a Glock any day.

  12. I just bought the Ruger Max 9, mostly for the brand. I have one negative, the position of the trigger/safety lever, it makes fitting the finger through the guard a bit dicey. I am seriously considering the expense of an after market trigger.

  13. I carried the G2C till the slide was bare from holster ware! Re did the slide and parked it! Bought the S & W shield plus and found it as pleasing to shoot as the G 2. Love the gun / hate the magazines! Looking for a pocket rocket like the Ruger LCP MAX in 380 for pocket carry! Anyone else have the Max??

  14. I’ve owned and carried the Kahr MK9 every day for over 6 yrs. It is truly a great handgun. Heavier than most of the others on your list but with a well made holster by Jason Winnie, no problem and i am truly a little ol’ lady. Extremely accurate and comfortable to shoot, reliable, and classy looking. jo ann


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