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History of the Swartz Safety

( -- The October 2013 issue of Gun Tests magazine compares three 45 ACP Commander-size 1911 pistols from SIG Sauer, Kimber, and Ruger. Part of their differences are in the safeties, one of which is the Swartz design in the Kimber CDP II. This article from American Rifleman (January 1976) discusses the design in detail.

Source of ‘pre-B’ CZ 75 Magazines

From Gun Tests reader Dan Brunger in the upcoming November 2013 issue:'Newer magazines do not fit my CZ 75. Could you tell me when the change occurred and how to tell the magazines apart other from physically trying them?'

Servicing The Ruger Mini-14

Ever been asked why the Mini-14 isn't called the Mini-.223 or Mini-anything else? Take a look at one next to an M14. In general appearance, the Mini is a smaller, lighter ringer for the rifle the U.S. Military rediscovered during Desert Storm. It even functions much the same. Due to the factory's penchant for in-house repairs, there are limits to what you can do with the Mini-14.

Henry Big Boy No. H006M 357 Magnum/38 Special

Gun Tests magazine tested three 357 Mag lever-action rifles in the October 2012 issue. Here's an excerpt of that report, used with permission:

Charles Daly 1873 Standard Model .38 Special

We thought the Daly was a pleasant option for the cowboy-action shooter or anyone looking for a fun gun that gives a taste of the old West. It was well made, looked good, and would probably last a long time. The front sight needs filing, but most cowboy guns have that problem. The Daly was significantly cheaper than the AWA. It had an excellent trigger, with no creep and a break at 3.3 pounds, lighter than that of the AWA. Though its hammer action was not quite as light as the AWA Ultimate, we thought the price difference didn’t justify the extra money. Also, because you’d have to pay extra for case coloring on the AWA, the Daly would be our first choice of these two.

Remington Nylon 12, 22 S, L, & LR, about $350

Brown plastic, actually Nylon, in a wood-grain pattern gives this rare old Nylon 12 a timeless, glossy look. The checkering was useful, and the rifle durable. It was a light and well-balanced rifle, but not many of us thought it was handsome. The full-length stock added good protection to the tubular magazine.

New Videos on (September 5)

Here are new videos added to the week of September 5: Jerry Miculek shoots a Barrett .50 Cal off the shoulder. Unbelievable. Gunsite Range Master Il Ling New talks about shooting from the bench. FPSRussia takes a look at his four favorite handguns.

Rust Bluing: DIY Tips and Techniques

Bluing, as done in the good old days, was essentially a hand-applied process that took time to accomplish. The end result of the express rust-bluing process I'll describe here looks and wears just as well or better than some of the methods used in days gone by. In fact, it may even wear better than a few of the so-called "modern bluing methods" used on today's production firearms.

Installing Steel Butt Plates and Grip Caps

Here’s how to get the classic look of curved steel butt plates with modern materials-—without encountering problems.

Century International Arms WASR-10 7.62x39mm, $900

Gun Tests magazine tested two AK-47 rifles in the May 2013 issue. The WASR-10 imported by Century International Arms and the 556 Russian (556R) made by Sig Sauer. Heres an excerpt of that report, used with permission:

Springfield Armory Enhanced Micro Pistol 9mm, $1253

This Gun Test-evaluated pistol is chambered for shooter-friendly 9mm ammunition. It offers single-action fire and a thumb-operated safety to simplify operation. Matching short slides to the proper-strength recoil spring can be challenging. The tested Springfield Armory EMP (Enhanced Micro Pistol), $1253, sprang from the Browning 1911 design.Matching short slides to the proper-strength recoil spring can be challenging. All four of our test guns utilized a two-spring plunger-style guide-rod system that seems to be the answer to providing the proper balance of compression and rebound. Despite this operational similarity all four pistols offered their own unique features. Our test pistol, the Springfield Armory EMP (Enhanced Micro Pistol), $1253, sprang from the Browning 1911 design.

Servicing Out-of-Production Firearms

There will come a time, sooner or later, when you are faced with having to decide whether you want to work on an old gun that you may never have heard of before. It is up to you to decide if it's worth the trouble but if you do, follow the rules I've learned over the years.

News Nuggets

You may not have seen the very odd news that the Commerce Department’s Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) published an Interim Final Rule...