Gun Tests Ammunition Comparisons

Here's a compilation of our head-to-head ammunition-testing articles. Each title is linked to the original article, so just click to navigate to the full report.


“Twenty 22 Rimfire Loads Go Head to Head at the Range,” June 2019

“Deep-Penetrating Heavy-Bullet 9mm Loads: Pretty Good Picks,” November 2018

“Affordable Handgun Ammo: Is It Up to Par for Your Firearms Use?” April 2018

“38 Super Loads: We Like Buffalo Bore’s Jacketed HPs,” November 2017

“Slugs For Self Defense: These Shotgun Rounds Rock,” August 2017

“30 Carbine Picks: Hornady, Speer, Buffalo Bore Loads Tested,” July 2017

“.410 Bore Ammo Tests,” July 2017

“357 Magnum Personal Defense Loads: Black Hills Is a Best Buy,” February 2017

“The 44 Special: An Old Number Is Revitalized by Modern Loads,” January 2017

“What About the 20 Gauge for Home and Personal Defense?” September 2016

“380 ACP Loads Update: Choices Are Getting More Interesting,” August 2016

Handgun Bullets: How Do They Penetrate in Home Materials?, November 2015

“Which Is Better: 9mm Luger or 45 ACP? Answer: It Depends,” October 2014

“Light-Recoil 45 ACP Loads: Three Comfortable ‘A’ Choices,” September 2014

“More Dangerous-Animal Ammo: 45 Colt and 45 ACP Loadings,” March 2014

“9mm Short-Barrel Choice: We’d Carry 124-Grain Speer Gold Dots,” October 2013

“Personal-Defense Handgun Pick: 9mm Luger or 357 Magnum?” August 2013

“22 Mag and 32 Mag Loads: Are They Enough for Self-Defense?” July 2013

“Testing 223 Remington Rounds For Personal-Defense Use,” May 2013

“40 S&W Ammunition Tests: Black Hills 155s Are Best Buy,”February 2013

“Alternate 1911 Cartridges and Loads: 9mm, 38 Super, 10mm,” January 2013

“38 Specials for Snubbie Carry: We Test Eleven Head to Head,” November 2012

“Frangible Ammunition Testing: We Give Nine Loads a Fair Shot,” July 2012

“Dangerous-Game 357 Magnums: Cor-Bon, Grizzly Clear Winners,” May 2012

“Shotgun Defense Choices: We Pick Two Fiocchi Loads,” November 2011

“9mm +P and Other Powerful Loads: Black Hills Is a Best Buy,” April 2011

“Gauging 380 ACP Loads: FMJ May Be the Only Way to Go,” October 2010

“A Hard Look at 9mm Luger Loadings: Speer, Fiocchi Win,” September 2010

“Personal Defense 45 Colt Loads: Some Are Sedate, Others Sizzle,” August 2010

“High-Velocity 45 ACP Loads: Impressive, But Hard to Handle,” April 2010

“Self-Defense .45 GAP Loads: None Have Everything We Want,” February 2005

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